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The 21st of September is the International Day Of Peace, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. It was initiated by the British film director Jeremy Gilley, who pursued his idea of establishing this day as an annual event since 1998 to the present day through his Peace One Day movement. After a lengthy and arduous journey on his part through the labyrinthine “official channels” of international politics, this project was finally officially adopted by Kofi Annan and the United Nations in 2001.

Let us support and work along with this powerful, imaginative and visionary figure, joining in his great initiative by commemorating this day as members of one world, united in the desire for peace, until a day becomes a week, a week a month, a month a year and one year forever. Although Jeremy Gilley does by no means lack either energy or the inspiration to fight this cause on his own, he incessantly emphasizes the significance of a wider public involvement and the need for every individual to contribute their share on the way to a more peaceful world. Being aware of the dynamic and mutually enhancing quality of “political activity” between individual catalysts and the general public, he endeavours to combine the energetic flow of his individual efforts with as many like-minded people as possible, thus creating a force greater than any one of them would present on their own. Peace can ultimately only be achieved by gathering and uniting the greatest number of active individuals possible, working collectively towards their common objective, and united by an express intent to abandon the “traditional” and outmoded ways of managing conflicts, whether in a domestic, national, international or global context.

Let us start “at home”, thinking over the quality of our interrelationships with our close neighbours and the Human race in general, analysing and trying to improve them, and eventually expanding the results of such findings to a global level. Let us consider the true reasons for destruction and conflicts that are simmering or raging in virtually all parts of this world - direct results of injustice and hatred, the root causes of which lie often closer to our doorstep than we might think. However, while remembering the victims of conflict and war all around the globe, as well as sympathising with them, we should not let ourselves be fooled by the relative “tranquillity” our Western societies mostly enjoy, but rather translate this privilege into a worldwide compassion with and active support for all those who are suffering or perishing at every moment and continuously from the unrelenting Old Testament principles of power and suppression, still dominating international social and political affairs.

After analysing the state of today’s world, and tired of only the “bad news” in the global media coverage, Jeremy Gilley set out to break this worldwide rule of violence, thus demonstrating to all those who deem themselves powerless to bring about change, how much one individual can achieve, if undeterred by the ubiquitous obstacles this world (on an institutional as well as individual level) holds in store for those who endeavour to pursue a “just cause”. Nevertheless he keeps emphasizing the significance of addressing and involving the world community, thus persistently linking the seeds he sows to a wider context, conscious of the fact that global shortcomings can only be addressed successfully in a global context and with a comprehensive approach in which all parties involved reach out to each other, regardless of their political, racial or social background. “Fighting for Peace” – a contradiction in itself? Not necessarily, as it might take more courage and “fighting spirit” to construct than to destroy, and furthermore a world of peace will only be brought about by first pulling down the walls of old thinking and old acting, which still survive to this day, in accordance with the Old Testament patterns of “possessing” and usurping at the cost of others. Let us start to work by uniting forces, creating a worldwide "Alliance Of Peace", not looking on, but proactively pursuing and demanding peace (as an inherent human right!), deliberately abandoning those archaic patterns of vengeance and counter-vengeance in favour of a new, more humble but nevertheless decisive way of tolerating and accepting the diverse ways of diverse societies, living under “one roof” within one Creation, and increasingly growing into a new global society, who are bound to co-exist in spite of (and ultimately speaking for the sake of) all differences they might display.
Having travelled the places of anguish and pain in this world, Jeremy Gilley understands such differences, but is able to view and not lose out of sight the fundamental equality, lying at the heart of all cultures, religions and social contexts within the diverse global community he came to serve…

Let us become active and support this great initiative by any way we can, and this not just for "one day", but as an ongoing task. If there is to be a new “Golden Age” on earth one day, beyond the narrow limitations of today’s empty materialism, with the arts and culture thriving and all people living happily and harmoniously together as brothers and sisters, then it will have to be earned by every one of us by overcoming our inherent “Inertia”, I.e. laziness, which ultimately speaking is the source of all shortcomings, injustices and destructive tendencies in this world.


“If you build a house, you start with one brick. If we want to build peace, why not start with one day...and maybe that day has arrived.”

“Peace is not a status, but an emotion. All our actions are the result of feelings. How our children will treat their brothers and sisters in the future is our direct responsibility.
The future lies in our hands. After times of dark, Rebirth will follow and new hope will come with the children. They are the chimes of the future, they bring the Light to this world."
ZENO ROTH, Light Of The Morning (For the children of this world)

“This world is a unique gift, a garden of Eden for those who can see - who can perceive its beauty and whose view is not clouded with hatred towards others or the poison of self-destruction. It is a blooming paradise, which we are about to destroy and carelessly discard, abandoning it to the enemies of mankind.
Do not follow those who came to destruct, but trust and support those who came to heal. Do not run after those who make shiny promises. They are false leaders whose delight lies in the suffering of this world. In fact, do not follow any one but the voice of your own true Self. And you will be amongst the ones to rescue paradise..."

ZENO ROTH, Eden On Fire
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